Blindfire Entertainment presents: CANDYLAND 5!!! BassDrop Mountains!!

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((BassDrop)) Mountains! 

Here we go again people!! The Fifth installment of CandyLand! Bringing you Happiness from every part of the universe!! The Biggest Bash for the Birthday girl **Madison Gunns**!! So let’s get together to make this show something indescribable!! This event has been one you can’t forget and we want to keep up the pace! We have special surprises for you this year also!! Be ready for some amazing visuals and Full Major ((BASS)) with a killer lineup!! As always, we will be providing Candy for your ears, eyes and mouths!! Looking forward to see you all there! Don’t Miss Out!! Let’s not forget the Birthday girl have been practicing all year!! Get there early to check out a tag set from Tommy Gunns and Madi Juggs!!

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18 + Event
21 to Drink!!

Check Out last years Candyland 4!!


**Bare Noize**

EMI, Parlophone, Mau5trap, Ultra Recs, Ministry of Sound, Virgin, Audio Phreaks


Bare Noize have become some of the world’s most sought after producers since their early work in 2009. Instantly you could see that their combined multiple instrument skills, audio engineering and an ear from precision production were going to lay the foundation for them quickly becoming a formidable contender in the electronic producer scene. Their development and consistent drive for improving technique and sound quality can be seen through their initial discography. Tracks such as ‘Chucky’ 2009 and ‘Filth Lummox’ established them as one’s to watch amongst an evolving breed of producers within dub step’s more technical variant. With all eyes on the London based production duo the Foreign Beggars asked them to remix Medison feat. Skrein for their imprint Dented which led to one of the biggest Dubstep anthems of 2010 ‘Harry’.

The track took Bare Noize’s profile to another level, amassing YouTube hits into the millions they gained global recognition attracting the attention of major labels as Atlantic records and Polydor and more notably a young artist, yet to release a record, by the name of Skrillex. 

**Trever Lamont**
(Lexington, KY)

Grand Reserve, Teamsters, Lingo Recordings, Dingbat Records

Trevor Lamont of Grand Reserve has been a DJ since college in 1987. During that time house was starting to take hold within the Philadelphia scene. Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania would have parties which were half house and hip hop. 

Trevor started playing records in 1987, and was influenced early by the likes of Frankie Knuckles and Louie Vega through his involvement in the club scenes in New York and Philadelphia. From avid club goer to aspiring DJ,Trevor has put his heart and soul in the music he loves…. House. 

In the 1990′s, Trevor moved to Lexington, KY, where he continues to DJ today. Along the way, he joined forces with Justin Long, Halo, Traxx, Sam-Me, and B: PM to form the Teamsters, a collection of DJs from around the Midwest united by their love of house music. During the mid 90′s, the Teamsters became one of the dominant forces in house scenes across the Midwest. Beyond his work with the Teamsters, 

Trevor also worked as a member of the Soul Brothaz, another collective of DJs, which also included the East Coast Boogiemen and Sam-Me. 

Trevor’s love of jazzy, sexy, deep, and techy underground house music, combined with his smooth, layered mixing skills have brought him gigs across the United States and Canada. Highlights include playing for Scott Henry and Charles Feelgood’s world-renowned night Fever in Baltimore, and playing for some of the most renowned promoters in the industry including Ultraworld out of Baltimore and Liquid Groove out of Atlanta. 

Over the years, he has had the opportunity to play alongside talents such as Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Sam-Me, Justin Long, Traxx, Halo, Kerri Chandler, DJ Dan, Josh Wink, King Britt, Dubtribe, Onionz, Johnny Fiasco, and countless others. 

Currently Trevor maintains a steady schedule of clubs dates. He is also one half of the strong up and coming production team with his partners DJ Mutt and Reverend T called Grand Reserve! 

Keep and eye and ear out for him in clubs and his tracks coming out of your speakers. 

Trevor can also be found every other Saturday playing on from 7pm – 9pm Eastern on the Grand Reserve Cocktail Social with Mutt and Reverend T
House Is A Feeling!!!!

Cyphertribe / Panoptic Productions

DJ / Producer
The tale of Cypher’s love affair with music, and the midwest’s subsequent romance with him, is one of the critical veins in the body of dance music for his local scene. He is every dancer’s secret discovery; a reluctant night out that unexpectedly turned magic. His success came not behind a major label release, or a world tour, or a radio hit remix: It happened when enough people had the private Cypher experience for themselves in an old dusty warehouse or abandoned skating rink during the wee hours of the morning.

This is evident by the mass of “Cypher Supporters” you will find scattered all over the Midwest. In dance music circles, Cypher’s name conjures fond memories of unforgettable gigs at destinations throughout the Midwest. What punctuates Cypher’s skills as a DJ is his capacity to not only incorporate diverse genres and styles, but to transcend them by infusing his music with pure emotion. Cypher’s talent is matched only by his passion, which has seen him become one of the true Dj’s that stay true to the art.

If you ask him, it was a question of right time, right place. Talented yes; opportunistic, definitely — and just a little bit lucky. 

Humble beginnings is what you will find if you dig behind the scenes in the early parts of his career. Starting his own mobile dj service as a freshman in High school in 1989 was the start of this musical journey that brings him to where he is today. It wasnt until he moved to Chicago in the late 90’s that he would do dive into the world of electronic music as a performer. Frequenting the Crobar nightclub in downtown Chicago , Scott knew that this was what he was missing. “The energy was unmatched and the people were passionate about the music like nothing I had ever seen before.” He took the hard driving club sounds and put his own spin on things when he moved back to St. Louis in 1998. 

Known in the late 90’s for his hard bangin UK Acid House sets in the underground scene, Scott now pushes the boundaries of the best in progressive techno and house music. His style is limitless with an enormous bound of continuous energy that can’t be matched. It’s Dance Music, with a lot of different twists. Depending on the situation at hand, his sets range from ethereal feeling house , to dark driving poppy/proggy techno. Nothings ever set or the same when he’s on the decks. You might even be surprised at his bag of Downtempo treats from time to time. 

//618 Productions//

Nasty Nate has spent the last ten years honing his skills. Evolving in to one of the most meticulous and fun Djs on the underground music scene. Nasty Nate’s style is characterized by driving electro arrangements with potent low-end baselines. Nasty employs an eclectic sonic volley at every show. Nasty continuously brings an assault of raging party rhythms that make for wild parties and exhausted dancers. While maintaining his passion for the underground music scene, Nasty Nate has successfully blown up his semi monthly showcase at Tres Hombres. DJing outside of major cities isn’t always easy, with the exception of top-forty iPod Djing, which is easy all over. Like any subculture, DJing endures a lack of understanding and paucity of due credit. But Nasty Nate as uses his experience to fortify his resolve—to take the risks and critiques attendant to subversive aesthetics, Nate explains “To work professionally, you have to mold your art sometime to fit the commercial venue, and up to a point you do have to do that. But on a bigger level, you must never change your art—you must have your own value system. If your value system is trying to please other people, I think you will fail. So now I am just trying to please myself. After all, I am my own biggest critic.” To see footage of Nasty Nate DJing and answering questions for the Nightlife, check out

**Kid Liquid**
Future Sound Of Breaks//Fifty Foot Robots//Blindfire Ent
Drum & Bass – Drumstep

Kid Liquid has been known to drop a barrage of dancefloor killers over the past decade. Early on, the sound of choice was funky house. As he progressed as a DJ, that funky flavor started swinging towards breaks. As of late it’s hard to predict what you will get from this Midwest bass fiend. Breaks, Electro, Drum n Bass, Drumstep, Dubstep or a finely sliced mix of all things broken beat are not uncommon to hear slamming through the bassbins when Kid Liquid rocks a party.Co-Founder of St. Louis based Fifty Foot Robots, and fresh new addition to the infamous Future Sound of Breaks crew, Kid Liquid is constantly making moves. Motivating dancefloors from Miami to L.A., and many underground circuits between, this high energy selector is bout to rip the walls down-always doing it PROPER in this digital urban scene.

**Unkle Funk**
(Louisville KY)
Caboose Records/Spoiled Rotten Records/Sugar Shack Radio

When Glenn Giles first found house music, he knew he had found his home. A musician & vocalist since childhood, it wasn’t too long after attending his first few underground dance events that he found himself in a bedroom behind his first set of decks. Soon enough Glenn was in the dj booth….and for the last 15 years has devoted himself as a promoter, DJ and most recently producer, always bringing a positive vibe full of funk with plenty of tech, soul and jackin’ influences. Glenn debuted his original work in 2012, releasing well received EP’s as Unkle Funk and with production partners under the aliases “Moogonaughts” and “Wrex Ed”. Glenn also curates the Sunday Slackin’ Podcast, which to date has delivered over 50 exclusive mixes over the last 2+ years from some of the brightest talent in underground house, breaks, techno and more. 2013 and beyond looks to be busy and exciting, with several releases upcoming this Fall.
Don’t miss this Candyland Exclusive set, Glenn will be flying directly to St. Louis from his first trip overseas at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)!!

**Tommy Gunns Vs Madi Juggs**
House / Trance
Blidfire Ent/

**David Field & Beau LeMaster** 
Blindfire Ent // REVEX

**Baytron Vs Mohawk**
Blindfire Ent // Wompin Wednesday’s// NastyRumor

Baytron is a DJ/Emcee/Vocalist/Producer/HumanBeing out of Alton, IL representing for the St. Louis and Midwest underground music scene. Baytron’s wide array of track selection and incomparable ear for music always keeps the crowd going crazy. Let us not forget his love and passion for hip hop and emceeing. With a mixtape to be released soon, Baytron is well on his way to a takeover…

The Mohawk is a Saint Louis based dj/producer. If you haven’t guessed it from his name, the man likes mohawks. He’s been rockin’ one for over twelve years and it currently stands at almost two feet tall. His love for electronic music, poking people in the eye, and affiliation with Nasty Rumor began in early 2005. Since his discovery of dubstep and the trigger finger, Mohawk became predominately an Ableton DJ, but now has made the switch to vinyl. His prior gigs include opening sets for Trolley Snatcha, Borgore, 6Blocc, Skism, Dub Gabriel, Bombaman, Lazer Sword, Phaded, Claw and Richie August of Hulk, Trillbass, Reso, High Rankin, Mark Instinct, Cyberoptics, J.Rabbit, Hellfire Machina and more. 

**Double Penetration**
(Undertow & Brian R)

Double Penetration are a combo formed by Blindfire co- founder Brandan “Undertow” Spraul and Brian R.- joining forces to bring you a musical experience nothing short of the wonderment and excitement their name suggests.

Attacking drumlines, deep basses, and aural tones are the order of the day – served up and mixed in a way that will leave you wanting more, and there is no doubt you will. The two members of Double Penetration have been mixing and performing in the midwest for years- and only after a few late nights and early mornings experimenting did they realize that the two styles they possessed individually could mesh and form a whole new sound – a new experience.

**Future Ex Wife** 
(TVOR & Trevor Matthews)

I should have guessed that once I started listening to this music that I’d want more. It’s the deep repetitive thrusting that sends shivers through my body, the hard jacking that makes me sweat, and the build up to a climax that makes me scream. 
Last night several things happened that were new and felt very good. There is this thing that happens with the speakers that is very pleasing but hard to describe. I get this feeling as if the music is telescoping into my soul. As if it is one length outside me, but grows longer and wider as it goes deeper into me…I think I may have found my future…

**Dylan Thomas**
UnitOvOne // Space Age

Dylan Thomas is one of the leaders of the new school underground inSt. Louis. Starting out at 13 as an enthusiastic fan of electronicmusic, Dylan found himself emerged within the growing underground rave scene in Arizona. Fascinated with the sounds of Drum & Bass, he began DJing in 2002 at the age of 19, his skills quickly picking upmomentum, consistently redefining his sound with every publicperformance. From airy Atmospheric to mental Neuro to his thickDowntempo and Glitch Hop selections, his sound stands out with his own unique flavor of bass driven rhythms. Dylan Thomas is notoriousthroughout the region for bringing the rock to the crowd.

Transplanting himself first to Kansas City, Dylan became an
established member of that scene as a member of local mega-crewSyde-Sho and Columbia-based MidWest Massive. Then his travels took him to St. Louis, where he has become a premiere DJ, with a pair of established residencies (Mercury, Upstairs Lounge), as well asperforming at hundreds of warehouse and nightclub events. He is one of the founders of local recording label, UnitOvOne, and has co-produced over one hundred parties and events since its inception. He is also a member of Dedication Crew, one of the most established D&B and Dubstep promotion crews in the Midwest US.


Dienda is no stranger behind the decks. Coming up in the DJ circuit in the late 90s early 2000s he has played clubs, events, and festivals all over the country. Starting his career in UK hard house, he quickly jumped into Breaks where he dominated the St Louis scene for several years. No longer claiming a specific genre he now plays a masterful blend of whatever the hell he feels like. His sets are always a mixture of genres: Techno, Electro, Breaks, House, Glitch hop, and whatever else he feels is gonna make his crowd go crazy. Being a performer, Dienda understands that stage presence is a must. If you’ve never seen him live you have no idea.

**Scooby Blue**

Scooby bought his first set of turntable in 1999 & in 2000 he started Code Blue Entertainment. Code Blue cut its teeth with a series of house parties in Saint Louis. The success of these led to several underground party and night club appearances. In 2003 he toured with Pomeroy for a short time and worked on several events with Phat Buddah Productions, including opening for rapper Murphy Lee. Also in 2003 the “Boogie Cruise” was born and in 2006 Jen HA & DJC joined the crew and Escape in the Beats was born. With his new found alliance, he moved to Chicago in 2008 & started 2501 Productions with the Escape crew. While there Scooby worked his way into a weekly at Beckett’s mixing house, soul, & breaks with funk, rock, & crowd favorites. His contract ended in 2010 and he moved back to Saint Louis to join forces with Midwest Massive & work on a new project. Almost three years in the making, this new project Laser And Media Projection Entertainment continues to grow as a DJ looks to start producing multi media shows in 2013. Come on out on the dance floor and see how ScoobyBlue shares his love of music with any & everyone!

**Hominid **

With over 25 years immersed in electronic music, Hominid’s
“crates” are deep. Curating sounds from the original Chicago-
Detroit warehouse scene to the mainstream sound of EDM,
Hominid’s sets span from the scene’s birth to its recent explosion,
purposefully defying genre limitations. Crafted around one simple
goal – to make you dance until you sweat – each set creates a
soundscape that propels the body through a knee-quaking, mind-
shaking musical journey. The initiated understand.

**Arthur Fonzerel**

Currently residing in the forests of Southern Illinois, Arthur Fonzereli first discovered his addiction to electronic-music attending the legendary SaltPeter cave parties. The rest is history. Using his newfound inspiration, Arthur’s musical style has blossomed under the influence of dark Tech House, Techno and dub reggae sounds. Learning from the best in the business, he continually strives to expand minds, heighten perception, and enlighten consciousness through his meticulous dedication to music. His signature sound, blending thunderous bass with catchy, robotic hooks, has built him a faithful following in the EDM scene.

**Austin Copeland**

(Mr. Copeland) is not what you call a veteran DJ (and he openly embraces this). However this is not easily seen or heard. His emotional connection to music since the mid- late 90’s has only grown, and so has his ability to sew tracks together. Buying his first set of decks was similar to his first tattoo. Austin says, “ I really, really wanted to learn this craft, but I had no musical background and far to much respect for the music to just buy some decks and call myself a Deejay.”

Needless to say, He bought the decks and learned to mix. Producing tracks and playing every chance his day job allows, he knows what his passion is, music. So get ready for a rollercoaster ride as he brings you some Dungy, Driving Techno, Synthed Tech House, and whatever else feels like it’s all on the tracks of the same ride.


3 ROOMS OF ((BOOM)) !!!! 


LIghing by: dAt-bR1tE & 618 Productions


Photo’s by: Notley Hawkins


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